Our Story

Inspiring humanity to live mindfully


Our Vision

To inspire humanity to live mindfully.

Our Mission

Activate the human being experience.

Our Core Values

    1. Integrity: do the right thing
    2. Intention: define the why
    3. Impact: solve a real problem
    4. Innovate: move fast, think big
    5. Courage: display grit, without ego
    6. Compassion: be kind to all
    7. Curiosity: stay hungry

Our Story

Our shared belief in the power of mindfulness to unleash the human potential and improve mental health inspired us to launch Mahara. From years of personal experience in journaling, meditating, breath work, energy healing, psychedelics and forest bathing, we came to deeply understand the immense healing power of a lifestyle rooted in mindfulness.

After leaving our decade long corporate careers, we started Mahara in early 2020. Our goal is to create meaningful products and experiences that offer people a stepping-stone into a world of mindful practices and personal transformation. Our community is comprised of curious, high achievers who are driven to live with intention. And chances are, if you’re reading this, you are too!

MAHARAmindfulness + building essential life skills

The word Mahara perfectly captures the vision for our business – to help humanity live more mindfully. We discovered the name after reflecting on the places that made us feel most at peace. New Zealand immediately stood out for Genevive and Oman for Sheba. Serendipitously – as the universe often works, Mahara in Māori, the official language of the indigenous Polynesians in New Zealand, means mindfulness, and in Arabic, the official language of Oman, means building exceptional life skills.
Sheba Zaidi, Mahara Mindfulness, Co-founder

Sheba Zaidi


Sheba is an ever-curious dreamer from Pakistan, Oman and Canada. She loves great stories, podcasts, meditation, documentaries, Rumi and her cat Charlie. Her biggest passions are travel and all things mindfulness. Her wanderlust has taken her around the world from horseback riding in Mongolia, hiking in Peru, wine tasting in Italy, shopping in Korea’s famous Myeongdong Market and wildlife safaris in South Africa. She recently left her decade-long career in health-care communications and has a fascination with how humans consume content and develop brand affinity. Sheba has completed a course on Buddhism and Modern Psychology at Princeton University and has a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University. Aside from Mahara, Sheba has co-founded a wine tour company with Genevive called The County Wine Tours. In her former life she interned at the United Nations and believes in sprinkling kindness wherever she goes. Fun fact: Sheba is followed by Barack Obama and Britney Spears on Twitter.
Genevive Savundranayagam, Mahara Mindfulness, Co-founder

Genevive Savundranayagam


Genevive is an idealist and optimist born in Sri Lanka and raised in Canada. She has spent over a decade leading marketing and communications programs for agencies, corporations and charitable organizations, including UNICEF – a cause close to her heart. Genevive is a co-founder of The County Wine Tours in Prince Edward County – Ontario's fastest growing wine region. When she’s not building brands or unleashing her creative side, you’ll find her jet setting around the world. From hiking mountains in Africa to camping in the Alps, driving across the Pacific Coast or drinking wine through Europe, she’s always up for an adventure. Genevive has a certification in the Fundamentals of Mindfulness from McMaster University, a Masters in Communications from Western Sydney University, and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto (St. George Campus). Her curiosity about the world and people drives her and her goal in life is to make a meaningful difference wherever she goes.