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Mindfulness Tips to Sleep Better

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Mindfulness Tips to Sleep Better

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“Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”

– Mesut Barazany

We often hear about healthy morning routines and their role in our overall wellbeing. But no one talks about the real “morning routine,” which is how we manage our evenings. Implementing a set of guidelines for your evenings helps you fall asleep more easily, enter into vital deep sleep phases and wake up refreshed.

Some of our favorite tips below:

  1. Eat dinner at a reasonable time, no caffeine or alcohol.
  2. Shut down screens an hour before bed and remove all artificial light. Tip: consider switching to LED lightbulbs in the bedroom and using candlelight in the evenings. 
  3. Tune into your circadian rhythm. Everyone’s is a little different. It’s the reason why some folks are night owls and others are early birds. A simple way to start is by paying attention to your feelings of drowsiness when the sun sets. Keep track of your natural “drowsy” time as an indicator of when it’s best to start winding down.
  4. Make sure to set consistent bed and waking times.
  5. Consider meditating just before bed.